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Sold by Medical Incentive Technologies LLC

Price: $25 to $ 249 depending on format.

Catalog Number: gh554    Example Image

A Family Heritage Collage combines an ancestral map along with photography of your genetic homeland and a narrative about your surname to create an attractive keepsake that will be treasured for years. Choose the Format and enter your Surname at right then click on the Add to Cart button. We will ask you to approve the image proof prior to production and shipping.



Price: Depends on format.

Get a personalized and customized map of your family heritage using the Finder tool then Save the Map to your user profile. Then choose from a variety of printed formats such as paper, glossy photo, or even wall decor to display in your home or office as a long-lasting tribute to your heritage.

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Price: $5.00 per pack of 10 search credits. Catalog Number: gh101

Our inexpensive, pay-as-you-go approach means that you do not have monthly subscription or recurring payments. As we add data sources or investigate multiple surnames, then you will need additional search credits to use the Genetic Homeland Finder. Change the Quantity in your shopping cart to order more than 10 credits at a time.

Price: $29.99. Produced by Irish Origenes. Dimensions: 36 x 42 inches (folded for shipment). Catalog Number: io101

This is the first Map of its kind! It details the name and precise location of nearly 1,400 Castles in Ireland, plus details of the known historical association of each castle to a particular Irish, Norman, Gallowglass, Scottish, or Viking Clan or Family. It also details the location of 15th and 16th Century 'Plantation Bawns.' It provides precise coordinates for each castle and as such is an excellent resource for those wishing to visit castles associated with their ancestors. Simply input the coordinates into your GPS navigation system or Google Earth.

Price: $29.99. Produced by Irish Origenes. Dimensions: 34 x 39 inches (folded for shipment). Catalog Number: io103

Ireland remained an agricultural society until relatively recently and as such farmers with a particular surname could still be found farming the lands of their ancestors. The estimated 4,000 Surnames on this map have been placed in the area where farmers with a particular surname cluster in 1911 and hence each surname is positioned where the surname first appeared in Midieval Ireland. The Surnames are also color-coded based upon their likely origin (Irish, Norman, Viking, or Scottish/Gallowglass).

Price: $29.99. Produced by Irish Origenes. Dimensions: 30 x 38 inches (folded for shipment). Catalog Number: io102

This is one of the most in-depth and accurate Clan maps of Ireland ever produced. It was reconstructed based on the location of nearly 1,400 Castles and their known historical association with a particular Irish, Scottish, Gallowglass, Norman, or Viking Clan or Family. Over 400 of the most prominent Clans and Families are represented. Each territory is color-coded according to ethnicity and shows the areas of influence at the time of King Henry VIII and prior to the English conquest of Ireland in the 16th and 17th Centuries. The map shows the principal Towns and details the border where English authority ended, traditionally referred to as 'The Pale.'

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