Ancestral DNA Marker Pedigree Display

This page displays the ancestral markers or pedigree of a given node on the phylogenetic tree of mankind. While the whole phylogenetic tree is vast, this tool provides a simplified display showing only the ancestral markers for one, single lineage at a time or to compare two markers and see where the lineages diverge.

For Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA), the tree has numerous backwards and parallel mutations over time as well as confusion due to three different nomenclature and reference sets used by scientests. The approach we've taken is to refer to tree branches by their haplogroup name. Thus there may be multiple SNP records for the same position as a biological mutation has occured there in multiple branches.

MtDNA stands for Mitochondrial DNA. Within MtDNA Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence (RSRS) marker system and chromosome positions are presented based largely on:
van Oven M, Kayser M. 2009. Updated comprehensive phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation. Hum Mutat 30(2):E386-E394. doi:10.1002/humu.20921
We have extended that nomenclature, however, to name each branch in the tree and added text notes with information for the corresponding Cambridge Reference Sequence (rCRS or CRS) and Yoruba nomenclature systems.

To explore other branches, click on the Tree Level to zoom to that particular pedigree. Click on the Marker Name to see more information in our DNA Marker Index.

Phylogenetic Ancestral Tree for [H16 C10394 i4000829 C10394T] on Chromosome M (Tree 1347405)
Tree Level Marker / Branch NameAlternative NamesNotes
1 L MtDNAEve C15443 Phylogenetic root with C15443 probably uniquely human marker. Neanderthal and Denisovan samples have T allele at this position. rCRS Ref: C Yoruba Position: 15444.
2 L1'2'3'4'5'6 T4312 i3002160 rs193303033 T4312C Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A11914G, C10915T, C146T, C182T, G13276A, G16230A, T10664C, T4312C. rCRS Ref: C Yoruba Position: 4313
3 L2'3'4'5'6 A2758 rs2856980 A2758G Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A2758G, C152T, C2885T, G7146A, T8468C. rCRS Ref: G Yoruba Position: 2760. Also see branches: L0d1b1c, L2'3'4'5'6
4 L2'3'4'6 T8655 i3002650 MitoC8656T rs2853822 T8655C Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A10688G, A16129G, A247G, A825t, C10810T, C16189T, C195T, G13105A, G15301A, T13506C, T16187C, T8655C. rCRS Ref: C Yoruba Position: 8656
5 L3'4'6 G4104 MitoA4105G rs1117205 G4104A Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A7521G, G4104A. rCRS Ref: A Yoruba Position: 4105
6 L3'4 T3594 MitoC3595T rs193303025 rs2854134 T3594C Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: T13650C, T16278C, T182C!, T3594C, T7256C. rCRS Ref: C Yoruba Position: 3595
7 L3 A769 i3001949 rs2853519 A769G Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A1018G, A769G, C16311T. rCRS Ref: G Yoruba Position: 771
8 N Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A15301G!, C10873T, C9540T, G10398A, G8701A.
9 R T12705C T12705 MitoT12706C rs193302956 Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: T12705C, T16223C. rCRS Ref: C Yoruba Position: 12706. Also see branches: L0g, R
10 R0 A11719 i3001044 rs2853495 A11719G Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: A11719G, G73A. rCRS Ref: G Yoruba Position: 11720. Also see branches: R0, Z4a1a1
11 HV Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: T14766C.
12 H Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: G2706A, T7028C.
13 H16 C10394 i4000829 C10394T Phylogenetic branch with SNPs: C10394T. rCRS Ref: C Yoruba Position: 10395 Definining mutation for haplogroup H16.
Phylogenetic Descendant Branches of marker [H16 C10394 i4000829 C10394T] on Chromosome M
14 [H16b] 14 [H16e] 14 [H16a']
15 [H16c] 15 [H16d] 15 [H16a]
16 [H16a1] ...
15 [H16a'1a]