Ancestral DNA Marker Pedigree Display

This page displays the ancestral markers or pedigree of a given node on the phylogenetic tree of mankind. While the whole phylogenetic tree is vast, this tool provides a simplified display showing only the ancestral markers for one, single lineage at a time or to compare two markers and see where the lineages diverge.

For non-recombining portions of DNA such as the Y-chromosome, scientists and genetic genealogists are literally assembling a tree of mankind based on key genetic marker mutations. Most of these markers are classified as SNPs meaning single nucleotide polymorphism. The markers here are medically insignificant but do suggest descent from a common ancestor at a point in time.

Our understanding of this pedigree is growing rapidly thanks to advances in DNA sequencing techology and improved extraction techniques for ancient human samples. These advances combined with a growing sample of modern persons tested with high resolution, next-generation sequencing have enabled our community to find new branches on a weekly basis during 2017 and 2018.

What is presented below is's working draft of the phylogenetic order of markers based on a variety of sources. It is by no means final or authoritative but offered for genealogical purposes and entertainment only. This tool works in conjunction with our DNA Marker Index which shows additional information for individual markers. The longest pedigree is 52 genetic marker branches deep. Currently there are 23,104 branches recorded in our database as of 12/14/2018 8:52:46 AM.

To explore other branches, click on the Tree Level to zoom to that particular pedigree. Click on the Marker Name to see more information in our DNA Marker Index.

Phylogenetic Ancestral Tree for [YAdam 2844421-A-G] on Chromosome Y (Tree 1250245)
Tree Level Marker / Branch NameAlternative NamesNotes
1 HomoErectus 21292569-T-G Human and Denisovan diverge from ancestral allele T found in chimpanzees at this position. hg38 Ref is G.
2 YAdam 2844421-A-G Ancestral allele in chimpanzee is A implying this is probably a human-defining SNP for homo sapiens. hg38 Ref is G.
Phylogenetic Descendant Branches of marker [YAdam 2844421-A-G] on Chromosome Y
3 [L1085]
4 [P305]
5 [P108] ...
4 [L1090]
5 [V148] ... 5 [V168] ...
4 [CTS2809]
3 [AF6]
4 [L1086] 4 [L1149] 4 [YP3666]