DNA Marker Index information for Chromosome: Y Marker: P295
Names and Aliases for this DNA Marker: P295 PF5866 S8 rs895530.
Chromosome Position in hg38 Human Genome assembly2: 8094990.
Chromosome Position in hg19 assembly1: 7963031 .
Ancestral marker allele value: T.
Derived, alternative, or mutated marker allele value: G.

DNA Marker Index data for Chromosome: Y Marker: P295
Type Chromosome Position (hg19)1 Position (hg38)2 Marker Name(s) (separated with a single space) Anc2 Alt
SNP Y 7963031 8094990 P295 PF5866 S8 rs895530 T G
Source: ISOGG 2014
Notes: Defining mutation for haplogroup P (K2b2). Predecessor of haplogroups R and Q. Arose about 43,000 bce. hg38 has incorrect Ref.
Phylogenetic Parent Node: M214 
Phylogenetic Child Nodes: B253  BY49600  CTS1014  M45 
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