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Surname Heritage
In the Irish context, the modern word "Larkin" derives from the personal name "Lorcán" which has been noted in a variety of Irish clans and regions from times well before the Christian era. The meaning of the name is most often ascribed to the Gaelic word Lorc meaning fierce. There are written references to kings with the name Lorcán by the year 850 AD and written references to it as a surname in Ireland in 1003 AD.
Example of map of ancestral locations for  surname. image from an original Walker 1798 map of Ireland.
Larkin Clan of Ui Maine
18 JUN 1585 Muinter Lorcan - all lands and heriditaments in Shillanghye as part of the nation of Donall O Madden of Longford [Barony, County Galway]. Granted to be held forever by the service of one knights fee for a rental of £80.00; and to provide 6 horsemen and 24 footmen to the service of the President of Connacht or the Lord Deputy.
Larkin Ancestral Landscape
Photo of ancient Irish Rath structure in Muinter Lorcan. Copyright © 2009 Brad Larkin