Mapping Technology for DNA, Surname & Genealogy Research

Use Y-DNA, surname histories, and geographical analysis tools to identify your genetic homeland and facilitate further research and visits. Genealogy maps formatted for mobile and tablet platforms as well as traditional computers.

  • Spanish Surname Clusters We have plotted the highest concentration points in Spain of 250 of the most common Hispanic surnames. Although explicit genealogy back to these origin points is generally not practical, the high concentration of these surnames and the relative stability of populations in Spain since the 16th century make these the likely origin points for the many popular hispanic surnames around the world.
  • NextGenMatch for next-generation DNA Matching
    With the rapid growth of next-generation DNA sequencing technology transforming genetic genealogy, we have launched a free technology platform that consolidates the nomenclature and results from all the major testing laboratories into a person-centric matching tool to help you get more meaningful genealogy information from your DNA test results.
  • User-Contributed Data Points You can now add your own family's Ancestral Origin using the Contact Form or by using our Excel Template. You can even get a printed map which includes your family's data point(s) alongside other data sources.

Ancestral Geography Search

See a map with historical records where your your surname originated using our geocoded database:

Introducing Genetic Homeland is a set of online tools for enhancing genealogy research by geographically pinpointing the latitude and longitude of historical records and events. If you would like to learn the specific geographical place where your ancestors came from, try our web applications which enable you to generate data maps in real-time to see the spatial relationship between multiple surnames and datasets.

Beyond just geographically plotting historical records like tax rolls and censuses, we are also digitizing and geocoding non-traditional locations like castles, clan histories, and Y-DNA signatures.

Try our Genetic Homeland Finder for yourself

Web query tool to search our geo-coded database of genetic and traditional genealogy records with dynamic mapping and triangulation across multiple data sources.

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